My Wildflower Project

11:06 PM

Earlier this year, Luke and I spent a lot of our time hiking.
While we were doing all of that hiking, we spent quite a large amount of time looking at the wild flowers. Living here in the desert, there are not fields of wild flowers like their are in other parts of the world. That makes the flowers even more special. These flowers thrive despite the hot summers and dry climate. Even when there is adversity, there can be beauty.
I spent hours, and walked many miles taking these pictures.
I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Me & Him

9:12 PM

Pretty much every year I ask Luke for the same thing, family pictures. I always wanted to be that family that took "family pictures" often. When we got married I figured we would just wait until we had children to take family pictures. Since that has yet to happen, and we are getting older, I have been wanting to take pictures. The only problem is, Luke hates going to get his picture taken. Not having his picture taken, but actually going out specifically just to get pictures done. I have to say part of me agrees with him, it is kind of weird getting dressed up and going some where just to have pictures taken. Which is probably why we have never had our pictures taken by a professional.  Just our dslr and a tripod.

Since my parents are living in China this year, I wanted to take some pictures so we could send them a Christmas card. The past few weeks in particular I have been asking Luke to go take some pictures. This week he finally agreed.

We went out to the desert behind our house and took some pictures. They turned out pretty nice, but they just weren't us. It reminded me of when I first started blogging. I would do things just so I could take pictures for my blog, for comments or for hits. It wasn't me. I quickly got burnt out and decided to take things a different direction. I realized today that going to get our pictures taken doesn't fit our family and that's okay. That isn't to say we don't take pictures of us, we do, but our pictures come from our adventures that we have taken. I think in the end you have to figure out what works for your family and go with it. So instead of using these photos for our family Christmas card, we decided to go an entirely different direction. I am excited to show them when we get them in a few weeks!

Scenic Route

10:46 PM

Today we had our usual Saturday activities. We ran our errands that don't get done during the week, followed by our trip to the climbing gym. Only today, we decided to try the gym on the other side of town. It didn't take us long to realize how much more we liked our normal gym. While we were finishing up climbing, I realized that we were close to Red Rock National Conservation Area. Seeing how close we were, and how much I have been wanting to just take a drive, Luke willingly obliged the idea of taking the scenic route home.
Just going for a drive, has always helped to relieve stress for me. My earliest memories of driving are with my father. Unfortunately, I don't have very many happy memories with my Dad, we didn't see each other that much when I was growing up. Some of the best memories I do have with him, however, are taking drives through central Utah. We would stop for a drink run at the local gas station and get my favorite lemonade before heading out and spending the day on the road. 

In middle school and high school I spent countless hours on the road with my Mom driving to soccer tournaments. There was six months during my junior year of high school where we traveled to California every other weekend. We always had the best discussions late a night on the way. I remember being so happy in those moments. Looking back I miss our car drives, and I feel bad I was such a moody teenager.

My sophomore year of college I got my first car (I know late to the whole driving thing). At the time I was going through a laundry list of health problems. I seemed to only go from one doctors office to another. That year was probably the most trying (and blessed) of my life. With all the stress that seemed to follow me that year there were some days when I used to just drive around Vegas, a city I barely knew, and explore, and clear my head.

There have been so many times when Luke and I have taken long and short drives together as a married couple. I wrote about a few of them here and here. I love having that time when Luke and I can just focus on each other, when I can talk, and he listens and vise-versa. I love having it just be me and him in the car. Just our little family.

The last few months, I have been particularly stressed trying to learn how to manage all the things that have to get done during a day. There are times when I want to just take a drive, but in all honesty I don't have the time to do so. I think that is part of being a adult. With that being said, today was perfection, even if the drive was only 25 minutes. It was nice to just slow down and take the scenic route.

Happy Sunday

10:55 AM

This weekend we have spent some time relaxing, and listening to a bit of General Conference. I really enjoyed this talk. I am always working on increasing my spiritual light. It seems to go dim far more often then I would like, but like anything, it requires constant nourishment. But in the end, we should all know that God loves us and that he answers our personal prayers.


12:46 AM

I think it takes a lot of time and practice to make something into a habit.
Last week I was sick with the flu. I spent most of my time being grumpy and miserable. I made a real effort this week to be more happy and positive about life, which at times can be difficult when you are a teacher. 

I am making the effort to turn a new leaf, I know it will take some time to really get the hang of being positive, but I am really going to try. I think that in order to be happy, we must make decisions everyday to be so. For me that starts with thinking positive.

What I Loved About This Week.
+Making a decision to wake up 30 minutes later. Which meant I got to work later (but still on time) but also got to spend some much needed time with Luke. It was so great, that I think I will continue to wake up late.
+Getting over the Flu.
+Talking to my Mom. I don't think I realized how much I loved talking to my mom, until she moved to China and I couldn't talk to her, except for once or twice a week for 5 minutes (I swear, the phone always cuts out after 5 minutes.)

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